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Thread: Re-Introduction

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    Default Re-Introduction

    Hey guys- I know this the testing area, but since it's been years since I posted last, the forum has changed quite a bit. So I thought I'd introduce myself again and hopefully I'll be sticking around a little bit.

    I used to be a 30 year old Art Director at an advertising agency, later an unemployed Art Director doing contract work to scrimp and save to support my family. Now I'm a soldier in the US Army, stationed in Ft. Carson, CO. I still have the same set up that I had when I left (which should show in my footer of my posts, unless I need to re-enable... good thing I'm in the "testing" thread).

    My HK finally gave up the ghost a few weeks ago when my house had a small fire. I think the combination of soot and a hard power loss from the fire department cutting the power sent the close-to-20-year-old beast to it's grave. I just purchased an Onkyo TX NR-616, despite the reliability reviews it received. Most of the issues I read about have been solved through the latest firmware update, so the deeply discounted receiver with a 2 year warranty will show in the mail hopefully before my Thanksgiving 4-day.

    Sometime after that set-up and a firmware update that takes and hour or so, I'll begin posting how well it plays with my set-up, though I'm imagining (hoping) that I'll be blown away, as things have come a long way in the last decade. Part of me nags a bit that 'newer is not always better', but... we'll see. I mean, my HK was extremely solid and paired up with my speakers so well that I have a hard time imagining that my ears could like anything as much, but I'm prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

    So that's me... again... I look forward to hearing from you guys and commenting as much as I can.

    ? Harmon Kardon AVR 55 (dead; replacing with Onkyo TX NR-616)
    ? Polk RTA 11TL's (FR and FL)
    ? Polk TSi200's (RR and RL)
    ? Polk CS10 (Center)
    ? Polk PSW-350
    ? Grado SR-60i Headphones
    ? Fii0 E5 headphone amp
    ? iPod touch (8 gig)
    ? iPod Classic (80 gig)
    ? Mac Mini (as media server)
    ? xbox 360

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    welcome back!

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