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    Default need advice contacting prospective buyer on usaudiomart

    Got a response to my ad selling my time windows on us audiomart.

    The guy left a ph. no. that is in new jersey, as well as a email address.

    the problem is the email is reelusin@ a certain wireless carrier.

    First, does not sound like a private email, second, dont want to give any of our comp. or email info inadvertently.

    Will call the ph. no. tomorrow.

    Question, will calling them give a possible miscreant any way to hijack and screw up our cell phone.

    I know im being paranoid but it is 2012, and im not up to par on the scammers methods.

    Any advice or even hunches would be appreciated.

    humpty dumpty was pushed

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    Scott - I wouldn't be worried about calling him using your cell phone. It is a good way to find out what kind of person you may be selling to. Do they have feedback on US Audiomart? That helps to raise my comfort level as well

    Good Luck
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