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    Default Surround Sound Speakers

    I am currently using M40's as my rear surrounds. I have been thinking latley of changing them to RTI6 if I can find a good deal or RTIA3's.
    My listening postion is my couch centered on the back wall. The rear speaker mounts are on the side walls centered in line with seat position. The tweeter is Approx 72 inches off the ground at a angle at approx 45 degrees towards the seated listener 9ft away. How much of a difference would I get in making this change? I listen to majority HT and Games.

    I cannot use FXI's because of placement. This would be a simple speaker swap keeping everything in the same position.

    Thanks Thomas
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    Sounds like a great idea to me Timbre matching the surround isnt as critical as the front speakers. However is does make a obvious improvement in transparency.
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    Rear surrounds dont have to do a lot of work and really are just there to provide depth and width the the sound stage. That being said, if my math is correct, if you have a speaker 6ft high on the wall pointing down towards the listener at 45 degrees, the sound stage is going to be the best at 6 feet or so away from the wall (with a 45-45-90 triangle.) Maybe play with adjusting the angle your speaker is facing (make it face more towards the opposite end of your couch, i.e. right surround faces left arm of your couch) to see if it makes any difference with what you have first, and then look into the A6s or A3s. I totally agree on timbre matching, and its always fun to play with new speakers, but my suggestion would be to tinker first, then buy if that doesn't work.

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