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    Default Polk CS2 Center Channel Upgrade?

    Any thoughts on making this unit better or more compatible with SDA 2.3tls.
    I have two MW6510's
    Would two Monitor 4s be better?

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    The actual center channels that normally get recommended for matching vintage polks are the CS-350LS and the CS-400. The other alternative is to use a vintage polk.. preferably with the same tweeter. This is easier with non-TL's, cuz you can use any monitor 5, 7, or 10 with sl-2000's or RD0194's depending on what's in your fronts. Do you have RD0198's in you 2.3's? If so, you need to find a vintage polk that's upgradeable to the 198's too. I think sl-2500's are but not sure. I would think a monitor 4 would be a little small. A single RTA-15TL or 11TL would be badass, but you'd need the room.

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    This chart is from Polk Faqs page.
    I'm sure many of you have already seen it.

    Center Model
    Matches With:
    LSiC: No vintage matches.
    CSiA6: SDA-SRS, SDA-1, SDA-2 (all versions), SDA-CRS, RTA-15, RTA-12, RTA-11, Monitor 5, Monitor 5jr, Monitor 7, Monitor 10 and Monitor 12, LS90, LS70, LS50, RT20p, RT16, RT12, RT10, RT3000p, RT2000p, RT2000i, RT1000p, RT1000i, RT800, RT800i, RT600, RT600i, RT55, RT55i, RT35, RT35i, AB855, AB805, AB800, AB755, AB705, AB700
    CSiA4: RTA-8T, RT8, RT7, RT5, RT15, RT15i, RT25, RT25i, Mini Monitor, "Monitor", Monitor 6 satellite, Monitor 4
    CS2: R30 R40 R50, S8, S6, RT400, M5
    CS1: S4, R1, R2, RT3, R20, R15, R10, M3, M3ii, M2, M1
    Sources-Pro-ject Debut Carbon,Sony Bdp-s5100,Toshiba HD-a3(cd transport)
    Processing and Power-Onkyo TX-NR717, ATI AT1202
    Mains-Polk Audio RTi12's
    Display- LG 60PA6500
    Misc. Panamax m4300 conditioner, Blue Jeans Ten White, Blue Jeans LC1 ICs.

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    Thanks I have heard good things about the CS400 and CS400i looks like the CSiA6 is recommended and yea I have RDO 198s. Maybe a single CRS+ or a monitor 5 BTW it was going to use a pair of monitor 4s in series. I guess I can try different things like put the two MW6510 in the CS2 enclosure and order a Rdo-198 and figure out a crossover.

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    I tried the two Monitor 4s in series, yuck

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