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Thread: Sony receiver ?

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    Default Sony receiver ?

    I am using a mix of existing components (so no manuals to be found) to put together a system in a large conference room at my work. The receiver is a Sony and I am have got everything hooked up, but I cannot seem set up all channel music. Can anyone help me out here? The receiver is set up for surround sound but just will not play music out the two surrounds. The model of receiver is STR-DE485. Any help would be appreicated.

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    You probably need to use one of the ProLogic modes. That's how my DA1ES is and I think it's pretty universal. Give it a try.
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    I had the STR-DE585, probably very similar. I think you are looking for a "5 Stereo" mode but it likely doesn't have one because mine didn't. You could try DPLII as Ken suggested but that probably isn't what you are looking for.

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