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    Gerald Lemay

    Default Clarion Amplifier

    Does Clarion make good products? Are their amps clean? I currently have a APX400.2M, here are the specs:


    Power System
    Fully Painted Non-Corrosive Heat Sink
    Conformally Coated Circuit Board
    Gold Plated Corrosion Resistant Brass Hardware
    Continuous Average Power Output 200W
    (100W x 2 into 4 ohms 20Hz-20Khz @ 0.05% THD)
    Typical 2 ohm Stereo 190W x 2 @ 0.5% THD
    Typical Bridged Power 1kHz 380W x 1 @ 0.5% THD
    Bass Extender Control 0-18dB @45Hz
    Adjustable 2 Channel 55Hz-5.5Khz, 12dB/oct. High/Low Pass Crossover
    Mixed-Mode Operation
    Bridgeable 2/1 Channel Operation
    Speaker Level Inputs
    Double-Sided Glass Epoxy PC Board

    Just wondering if it is any good since I don't know much about car audio.


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    I don't know about their amps, but I have a Clarion deck(9575) that I've had for about three years. I've been very happy with that purchase.

    That's my 2 cents worth...

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    the state of confusion


    this is pure hearsay, but from what i've been told their quality has declined over the last couple years...
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    also hearsay, but i heard the same ****... declining quality...

    i saw a pretty nice 1000 watt class ab 2 channel amp on closeout at crutchfield about 2 years ago for like 200 bucks though and i wanted to get it, but had no $$ at the time... oh well...
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    Does Clarion still make amps? I don't know. Never heard much about them. Clarion has always been known for top notch electronics like head units, signal processors and crossovers. Thier ProAudio series of speakers has always gotten rave reviews for being very versatile, durable and flexible. I have a set of Clarion ProAudio 6x8 plate speakers and I am always impressed with them. For the money, they will compete with speakers at least 30-50% above thier price point. The only other company I have seen do that successfully is out beloved Polk Audio. The major difference between the two is that the Polk Audio speakers tend to have a flatter response that the ProAudio from Clarion.

    If you are looking for an amp of that power along the lines of the older Clarion stuff, I'll point you in the direction of Hifonics. As long as I can remember, Clarion and Hifonics equipment has been almost identical in specs to the point where people were speculating that one of the two was just a brand of the other. I think you would be satisfied with a Hifonics amp in lieu of not being able to find a Clarion amp of your liking.

    As far as the quality issues, again, I cannot say. I have not heard the rumors and guy here at work has a Clarion head unit with a flip out lcd screen and all other kinds of whiz-bang junk on it and it's snazzy! Very nice operation, feel and ergonomics. He's pleased with it and I'm impressed with it. It's up there with the Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer head units.

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