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Thread: Rear Speakers

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    Default Rear Speakers

    I have a 10+ year old pair of LS70's. I need rear speakers. Here is my problem. The Mains are about 6.5 feet from my recliner. The rear's I have now are Mirage, with a 4" woofer and 1" (?) Tweeter.

    They Mirages are about 7' above my head. I am in a small room and when I play my SACD's or any other SACD I don't get the surround that I want from behind. It just seems to weak. I was told to purchase the LS7i's, but they are out of my pocketbook range. What can I turn to or am I stuck?

    My wife want's what ever I get to be in white like the Mirages, but I have told her that I will get something other than black so it will look nice. Anyway, I need some advice. I personally think Polk is the best speaker ever made, but then again it is the best speaker I have ever owned. Thanks for any imput. - greg

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    Going w/ white pretty much narrows down your choices. Have you thought about some "in walls?" The "ABxxx" line would be some nice ones to get. If you can go w/ black, some RT5's, RT7's would match pretty well w/ your LS's. Good luck and welcome to the forum.
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    if you can try and position them so they are approx. 2' above ear level or aim them towards your listening position or adjust up the surround level on your receiver

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