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    Default what amp to use?????

    hey guys got a question i just got a set of the 15'' polk momo
    that just came out what is the best amp to get me that good slammin bass???? (i got the speakers from crutchfield)

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    Since this sub is a single voice coil I would suggest going with a 2 channel ammp and bridging it. 2 channel amps are cheaper than mono amps and while not as effeceint, are cleaner. The MTX Thunder342 is a pretty nice amp. It is 340 watts bridged (at 12 volts which would be about 15% more with the engine running)and has a variable crossover and 18 db bass boost. Thats a lot of nice features and Crutchfield has it for $250.

    The downside to running a 2 channel is that you can only run 1 sub mono as most amps arent stable at 2 ohms mono. But a 15" sub with 340 RMS watts at 12 volts will definitely hit pretty hard.

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    tell us how much you're willing to spend and do you already have the wiring run, if so what guage of power wire
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