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    Default Very cool Band I found

    I was checking out some christmas music , I wanted a cool version of Carol of the Bells and came across Straight No Chaser. Their version is all vocal and very cool. I liked it so much I decided to check out what else they have done. Come to find out they are a fully vocal band and remake many popular songs. I'm never really a fan of this type of thing , I usually end up hating it but not this time. What I found was some extremely cool remakes.

    Wonderwall is a great song no matter who is singing it. They do a version I believe is the best I've heard.
    Under the Bridge is a great chiili Pepper song , love this song . Straight no Chaser's version is even better then the original IMO.
    Even Madonna's Like a Prayer which was never a favorite of mine has a appealing ring to it when they sing it.
    Africa was a pretty cool song in the 80's by Toto , you should hear them doing it , excellent.
    Tainted Love , one of those stick with you songs from the 80's , they hit it this out of the park , very cool.

    I suggest checking them out , listening to some demo cuts. I wasn't able to find some high rez files of their stuff but would love to. I'm gonna buy the CD's for now unless I find some downloads.

    Worth your time at at least.
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    I heard some of their stuff either last year or the year before, Check out their version/parody of "The 12 Days Of Christmas"...

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