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    Default Subs, Subs, Subs Which ones to buy? The best band for the buck

    I'm running a onyyo 709 with a new xpa-5 and lsi15, lsic, lsic7,lsif/x speakers. My room is 24 X 24 with 120" screen and a jvc 550 projector. Watch a lot of movies and some tv. Have a old psw650 sub. Many of you on this form tell me I need a new sub. Can I do it on a price range of 500.00 to a 1000.00. Would consider a good used one. I see alot of you like hsu or svs. Which ones do you like? Where is the best deal on the ones you like? Thanks Dave

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    Hsu vtf-15 is in your price range and suited for a room of that size. Epik Empire would also be in that budget
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    +1 for the HSU sub.

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    When you talk bang-for-the-buck, you should consider SVS. Even their least expensive subs are far from "entry level."

    I have an extremely "modest" PB12-NSD sub paired with $3600/pr monitors---and I am very pleased with the quality/performance.

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    Yup, look at their PC line as well. Same performance as the box subs but in a cylinder so its less expensive to build a ship. Save some money and get the same performance!
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    imdggisknx reported

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    I like castle subs which are nice too... Not too pricey

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