I finally had the chance to move my Tylers into a fairly respectable, dedicated room in the basement. The problem is, the room is acoustically fairly "dead", meaning there are no slap echoes and the sound doesn't seem to have much pop / liveliness to it.

I have several acoustic (absorption & bass trap) panels that I've used in previous, lively rooms with wood floors, but am wondering if it really makes sense to treat this room given its acoustic characteristics.

Here are the room specs:

- 15' x 24'
- 8' drop / tile ceiling
- Fully carpeted with fairly thick carpet
- Walls are wood paneling

I can put the speakers wherever I want, which is great, but I'm just trying to figure out how best to treat this room and if I really want to add any more acoustic panels to a room that can already suck the life out of the music at times.

Any suggestions on how best to make use of this room are much appreciated - thanks!