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    Default 2ch amp in bridge mode @ 2ohms

    I need a straight answer, I keep hearing different answers. okay let me break it down to you. If I have a fosgate punch 501S amp pushing 125X2 RMS @ 4ohms & 500X1 @ 4ohms. when I wire 2 Polk MM12's it will present a 2ohm load with 1000RMS. now will the amp drop to a 2ohm load in bridge mode or will i need a mono amp?

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    You don't necessarily need a mono amp but if your stereo amp is not rated at 2 ohms in bridged mode, you won't be able to run it that way. If you want to run it that way either get a high power mono amp or a bridgeable stereo amp that can handle 2 ohm loads in bridged mode.

    This would be a good example of a stereo amp bridgeable and 2 ohm stable in bridged mode.

    Hifonics XI-ZEUS

    350 watts x 2 channels into 4 Ohms (stereo)
    550 watts x 2 channels into 2 Ohms (stereo)
    600 watts x 2 channels 1 Ohm (stereo)
    1100 watts x 1 channel into 4 Ohms (bridged)
    1200 watts x 1 channel into 2 Ohms (bridged)
    Generation XI Series Amplifiers
    Full MOSFET AmplifierRegulated Power Supply
    0 - 18dB Variable Bass EQ
    Fully Adjustable Crossovers with Variable SlopesBalanced
    Line Inputs (with optional XI-BLD module)Line Outputs
    Phase Shift (with optional XI-BLDP1P module)
    Jacks for Remote Adjustment and Operation
    (with optional XI-R1)Subsonic Filters
    (10 - 150Hz)1 Ohm Stable

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    that amp will not push two momo subs...

    that amp is 125 x 2 at 4 ohms... so u can run the subs stereo (one per channel) and get 125 persub which is junk, u need double, preferably triple or more of that.

    as far as bridging it --- u will set the little bugger on fire... it will NOT put out more than 500 (550 or 600 sure, but not more than that) bridged. so u'd get 250 per sub, but its at a 2 ohm load, and yhou'll fry the power supply inside the amp, if notthe output stage first.
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