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    Default looking for Peerless tweeter for Polk Monitor 10A; do i have a tweeter issue??

    I think I have a bad tweeter in one of my Polk Monitor 10A speakers and am looking for an original Peerless tweeter for the Monitor 10A so I can replace it. A bad tweeter is my guess at this point.

    I stupidly set up and played 2 sets of speakers at the same time (Dahlquist DQ 10s and Polk Monitor 10As) through my Yamaha CR 2020 receiver as I was told it would be fine to do so (I was told it was ok to play 2 pairs of 8 ohm speakers and was told the DQ 10s and Polk 10As were 8 ohm speakers but later another person told me the Polk 10A were in fact 6 ohm speakers, ooops) . I only palyed the speakers together for about 2 minutes and there seemd to be no problem but I did not like the sound at all. After doing so, I rreturned to play the Polk Monitor 10As alone and noticed that the tweeter in he left Polk speaker, while still working, sounded much less lively than the tweeter in the right speaker. It semms I may have damaged the left speaker tweetwer and need to replace it.

    Could it be something other than the tweeter? Fuse? Capacitor?

    I unscrewed the tweeter but the wires are soldered on and I do not have any electronics experience and do not know how to solder or desolde and I do not know how to test the tweeter.

    The receiver seems to play fine so luckily it appears I did not damage to the Yamaha CR 2020 receiver and the Dahlquist DQ 10s seem fine so the issue just seems limited to the left tweeter of the Monitor 10A.

    Does anyone have a spare Peerless tweeter?

    Also, is it ok just to change the tweeter in the left speaker or would I have to change both tweeters?

    Any advice would be much appreciated.


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    you can change just the left tweeter. Does your 10's have fuses on the back? If so I'd check the fuses and/or just replace and try that 1st.

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