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    Default can anyone recommend a good repair tech in Albany NY area to work on Polk Monitor 10A

    I think I have to replace a bad tweeter in one of myPolk Monitor 10A speakers and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good repair tech in the Albany, NY, area. Thank you.

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    No need for a tech to replace a tweeter, any 10-year old kid could do it with a philips screwdriver. Just get a replacement tweeter - I think you said you need a peerless - often found at a reasonable rate on eBay. 1) Unscrew the old tweeter, 2) Detach the two connectors - make note of which is connected to which terminal (tape if you need to label it), 3) Connect replacement tweeter, 4) Replace tweeter into face of cabinet with same four screws you removed earlier. If gasket comes off with old tweeter, make sure it's replaced similarly when putting in the replacement tweeter.

    Piece of cake, easy as pie, can of corn!

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    Thank you. I unscrewed the tweeter yesterday but did not know how to disconnect the tweeter wires which appear to be soldered on. Not sure if that is so but it looks like it and I did not want to mess with it. How does one remove the tweeter wires?

    Also, is it ok to just replace just one tweeter (only one is bad) or is it best to replace the pair?

    I found a set of Polk Peerless tweeters from locally. But the peerless tweeters came from a set of Polk Monitor 5Bs. The cost was $60Is that a good price?

    Are the peerless tweeters from the Monitor 5Bs (tweetwers made in Denmark, I was told, with the dimple with hole in middle) the same Peerless tweeters used in the Monitor 10As.

    I think it is the tweeter that is bad because the sound from the one tweeter seems more muted and less lively than the sound from the other tweeter which is very clear and lively. Could it be something else, though? A blown fuse? (although I do not think any sound would come from twweeter if fuse blown, would it?).

    I have no electronics background and am mechanically-challenged so any info would be greatly appreciated.


    I love Polks, especially the Polk Monitor 10As. I have a pair of Polk Monitor 5s and 7s but the 10A is my favorite. I just joined this site and it is great to meet some Polkies!

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