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    Default Home Theater Furniture

    First and foremost I understand forums but am brand new here. That being said I've tried to find the correct forum location for this type of question and hope that if wrong I am deleted promptly. I'll understand.

    I'm looking for a simple bit of furniture that will support in some fashion a 60" television and be able to incorporate a CS20 center. Currently the television is stand mounted and sitting happily on top of your average stand including doors and shelves. So I'm seeking a stand (or otherwise) that will fit the CS20 on an upper shelf at a decent couch height or that has a back pillar to mount television up and allow the CS20 enough space beneath on the top of the furniture.

    I'm not the best with simplifying stories or questions, I love details myself. But in summation, the CS20 is large (and beautiful).... anyone know of furniture that will hold it with the television not mounted on wall? I'm having difficulty stemming from lack of full product dimensions and television mounting compatibility. Mostly hoping someone here has approached with issue as well.

    Television: Vizio E601I-A3
    Current Speakers to work with.
    L/R: TSi300's
    Center: CS20
    When TSi500's go on sale next or by the end of Jan 13' the 300's become rears and I'll try to make the 500's sing as best I can with an AVR I've yet to decide on (current Pioneer VSX-815)

    I thank any and all in advance for any advice available.
    Last edited by Scynfewl; 12-16-2012 at 11:33 PM. Reason: Current AVR model for those curious.

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    We have ordered the TSi500's and a Whalen Swivel 3-in-1 TV Stand. The stand is cheap and by all reports well made. It should suffice provided the television mounts high enough. I've come to believe that I'm only going to know by trial. I've also decided on the Onkyo TX-NR717 because it's got preouts for later addition of amplifiers.

    Thoughts? I'll be updating here on the outcome of this stand Thursday evening for those interested.

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    Hope that it works out for you.

    I have always just wall-mounted, but that doesn't seem to be an option in your case.

    Welcome to Club Polk.
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    Yeah, wall mounting gives you more options. You can buy whatever stand you want, put the center on top of it (or in it), and then mount the TV above the stand at whatever height you need. I'm not a fan of stands with the back pillar. My grandparents went that route, and with a 50" TV on the pillar, it bounces anytime anyone walks around in their small house. But maybe if you're on a concrete slab it won't be so bad.

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    Put acoustic foam under your center channel. I did and it helps keep the cab from the center from resonating the rest of your TV stand and helps make the dialog cleaner. I did the wall mount method and it worked great. The center sits on the top of my stand with it closer to ear height.
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    Acoustimac red suede panels

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    Just bought a Walker Edison stand with a pillar mount, and have no issues. Found the 60 inch model on Amazon for less than $300.

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    The stand worked out great, television hasn't fallen yet. The TSi500s are... stunning. I've replaced JBL SCS300.7 this setup. Now to decide on a new AVR. I absolutely have to get a new AVR for hdmi connectivity but do I get more or less+amp. A question for another forum area I believe.

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