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    Default Elevating the sub off the floor for better sound

    My house is very old with wooden floors throughout. My system is in the living room (1st floor) with a basement underneath. Is there any advantage to building a short, sturdy speaker stand to get the sub, say, about 6 " off the floor? I've read that getting a sub off the floor can help reduce boominess and tighten things up some. I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions. I'm not in a position to upgrade so the best I can do is tweak what I have to squeeze the most out of it.

    Or am I better off just getting a thick slab of marble and setting the sub on top of that?

    The sub is now hidden near the corner behind a new, large chair so anything I put under it will be pretty much unseen and shouldn't cause too many WAF repercussions.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read and/or respond to this.
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    I don't think that adding any height will help, but the weight of the slab should decoupule your sub from the floor eliminating floor bounce. This should result in less boomy, more accurate bass.
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    I concur 100%.

    Get the concrete paver that goes under A/C units. Costs about $10. Better yet, get two. The less vibe transmission, the better.

    Concrete floors are the best for bass acoustics IMO.
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