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    Default information wanted on Polk Monitor !0 with double fuses. Are these 10As?

    I recently saw a pair of Polk Monitor 10s with the Peerless tweeter but they had double fuses on the back of each speaker. I have a pir of Polk Monitor 10A and I know the 10As only have one fuse on the back of each speaker.
    I have never seen polk Monitor 10s with 2 fuses. Does anyone know what model Monitor 10s these are? Were they modified by the owner who added another fuse to each seaker? Or did Polk make a Monitor 10 with 2 fuses?
    If so, how do they compare with the Monitor 10As? What is the rationale of having 2 fuses on each speaker insted of 1 fuse.

    Thanks, I appreciate it as this is a mystery to me.

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    Early 7A speakers have two fuses (tweeter and system - 1 and 1.5A, respectively). My 7As have two fuses. I am pretty sure that early 10As did, too.
    Later "A" speakers only had one. The unsuffixed "Monitor Series Models" 7 and 10 did not have two fuses AFAIK.
    all the best,

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    Thanks for the detailed information. Wow - I had no idea there was an early and later version of the Monitor 10A and that the early version had 2 fuses and the later version had 1 fuse (my pair have one fuse and that is all I have seen on them).
    Is there any difference at all or preference between the Monitor 10As with 2 fuses and the Monitor 10As with 1 fuse?

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