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Thread: Streaming Audio

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    Default Streaming Audio

    I have primarily a digital streaming setup in my home. I have an apple computer (using iTunes) as well as apple devices such as an iPhone and iPad. I enjoy streaming my music from my computer (apple lossless) to an airport express and then into my DAC --> NAD amp. I also like using services such as MOG and Pandora from my iPhone and iPad. I am assuming when I stream my music from these devices, I am bypassing the internal DAC from either my computer and/or apple devices??
    I have also looked into getting a Sonos, but am hesitant as I feel I can do everything a Sonos does through my airport express.

    Thoughts? Thanks.

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    Sonos for one room is nice , Where Sonos shines is when you start adding more rooms like the deck , Kitchen , Patio , Garage etc.
    With a Apple Airport Express , you do get a ton of features. I have a Sonos Connect , Apple TV 3rd Gen , Airport Express , Full house of Apple Computers , etc.
    Do you want to always use your iPhone or IPad to steam everything or would you like a piece of gear in your system that multiple people can use when you're not home?
    I don't see a huge need for it but the interface is very nice. To Airplay , you have to jump apps , with Sonos , everything is there. Also I find the Sonos to sound a bit better then the Apple Tv and the Airport Express. I don't have the new Airport express that looks like the Apple Tv.
    Honestly the best way to listen to music is with a Computer with High Rez music on it and a DAC. With Apple Computer I like Channel D software running behind iTunes. This allows me to play Flac High Rez files but using the ITunes Interface. Look into that before you buy a Sonos. Sonos Maxes out at 16/44.1. Sonos can not play High Rez Files , I wish it did.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.

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    If I am bypassing the DAC in the airport express or Sonos (for example) should there be a sonic difference between the two?

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