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    Default what is difference between Polk SDA 2A and SDA 2B?

    I was hoping to pick up a pair of Polk SDA 2B I saw for sale recently about 3 hours from me but, unfortunately, I missed out on the speakers. I am intrigued by the SDA series (never having owned any of the SDA speakers) and the SDA 2B seems like the right fit for me in terms of size and price. However, I noticed today that there is a pair of SDA 2As listed for sale on ebay and they are located in NY state, where I am located so I am curious. What is the difference between the SDA 2A and SDA 2B speakers? From the pics of the SDA 2A, they do not seem as attractive looking as the SDA 2B as the pics of the SDA 2As show a fake walnut venner at the base of each speaker. But, cosmetics aside, waha is the main differnce between the SDA 2A and 2B and is one preferable to the other?

    The Seller of the SDA 2A seems to have a very high Buy It Now price for those. What do you think a good price for the SDA 2A would be?

    I almost got a mint pair of SDA 2Bs for $375 so I would not want to pay any more than that. I will continue looking for a nice pair of SDA 2Bs but was just curious about the SDA 2As and wanted to use it as a learning experience and find out the difference between the SDA 2A and 2B.

    Thanks again. Happy Holidays to all.

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    Different drivers, except the tweeter. Different wattage ratings (which I never understood), different frequency responses (I never understood this either since they use the same passive radiator, SW121) and, of course, a different crossover setup. As far as the specifics of why the 2B kicks the snot out of the 2A I'm sure someone will chime in with better knowledge of the two, not only as to which one sounds better but also about all the mods you can do to them.

    FWIW I have the 2A's and am happy with them...

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    The 2B is the newest and best of the 2 series.

    Read the handbook

    FOR DOWNLOAD: The SDA Handbook. By Ray Smith

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    Hold out for the 2B's.
    I like speakers that are bigger than a small refrigerator but smaller than a big refrigerator:D

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    I have 2A's and are happy with them as well.

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