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    Default SDA1C Mods completed

    Hope the admin guy does'nt mind, but wanted to start a new thread for this...

    Finally completed all the mods and enjoyed some extended listening time. Just to recap what was done;
    Trey at VR3 Mods rebuilt the crossovers, I installed the Larry's steel rings, replaced the tweeters with new
    RDO-194, used Dynamat extreme on the drivers and PR. JB weld on the drivers also. Placed the NoRez
    foam in the back area. I also had to replace two of the stereo drivers because they were 6510, ordered
    and installed new 6511 ea cabinet.
    The sound improvements were phenomenal, like totally different speakers. First thing I noticed was the
    sound stage was much larger, music very detailed. Also the bass is much better; tight, powerful and punchy,
    like it should be. I never had good bass response with these before. The highs are smoother now with the new
    tweeters installed. Very pleased with the results and well worth the time and money.
    Would like to thank Helen at Polk Audio Customer Service for helping me order the new drivers. Polk Audio
    has the best Customer Service of any company I have ever dealt with. Also a big thanks to Trey at
    VR3 Mods for doing the crossover rebuild. He does quality work, easy to communicate with, and has a quick
    turn around time too. Those crossovers just look fantastic! Next month Trey is going to do a binding post
    upgrade with a NL2 interconnect cable for me.
    Now I just need more free time to sit back and enjoy these great sounding speakers.
    Thanks everyone for your help and advice on doing the upgrades, I really appreciate it.
    I would also like to mention the amp I am using is a Carver M500t with a Mk2 upgrade,
    really drives these SDA's well. Thanks again. Here is some more pics.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0062.JPG‎
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Name:	IMG_0053.JPG‎
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Name:	IMG_0046.JPG‎
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Name:	IMG_0042.JPG‎
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Name:	IMG_0040.JPG‎
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ID:	78851  

    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0033.JPG‎
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Name:	IMG_0032.JPG‎
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Name:	IMG_0031.JPG‎
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Name:	IMG_0020.JPG‎
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Name:	IMG_0008.JPG‎
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Size:	72.0 KB
ID:	78856  

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    Very nice, I did my SDA1c a few month back. made a nice upgrade I don't know how you feel about yours but I will still have them when I pass on, I like them that much. Does everyone had that same Sanus sliver and black component stand? I went through 3 before the company told me to piece out and get the undamaged shelves from each box and just send the rest back :-). So you had 4 6510's in one speaker?

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    Awesome Craig!

    Wait till you burn them in 200 hours!

    Excellent work on the dynamat and rings!

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    That looks awesome and can't wait till I get the guts to do my 1B's! Congrats and please keep us posted as the burn in process goes on. Thanks for sharing the great pics too!

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