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Thread: Advice on Setup

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    Default Advice on Setup

    This is my first surround sound I have built. Previously I have just had a HTIB unit. I have been hooked up for about a week and I am disappointed in my current setup. I feel like I expected more and want to get more out of my speakers.

    2 Polk Audio RTI 12s
    Polk Audio CSI A6 center
    Polk audio 2 FXI A6 rear surrounds
    Pioneer sc-1222k receiver
    Polk audio psw505 subwooofer

    What do you recommend for getting the most out of this setup? I was looking to try out the emotiva xpa2 or xpa5 amplifier? or should I sell my subwoofer and go with a bigger one? Should I add a second subwoofer? or should I make it a 7.1 setup with two more surrounds?

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    What exactly are you unhappy with?

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    You need more power. Get an amp to drive those speakers.

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    IMHO add a 2chnl amp, lower your crossover to 60 till you can invest in a larger sub or you may want to run your speaker full range or set to "large" till you get a bigger sub, amp 1st.
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    I would say I am most unhappy with the bass. I feel like the HTIB I had previously made me the ground shake a little better.

    Thanks everyone for your advice! I have been leaning towards the XPA2 for now, then possibly the XPA5 down the road once I set up a 7.1 system.

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