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    Default 2003 G35 Sedan .. MM2124 Box Help!

    Hello i have a 2003 Infiniti g35 with an extremely small trunk! i want to put these 12's in my trunk with a custom box, does anyone have any lessons or something that will guide me threw this process? any help will be greatly appreciated

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    well for a first timer all i can really suggest is this...

    1- measure out the room you have... and then figure you can only use 90% of it (this is to make sure that if you do fk up a little bit and make it a hair too big that it'll still fit... i built a box / amp rack for my girlfriend's car and because it make it EXACTLY to the size she had, i ended up having to trim off an inch in the back.)

    2- design the SIMPLEST box that'll satisfy the subwoofer(s) needs while still fitting in your ride... keep it simple, you can always build some elaborate box once you have successfully built a simple one... hell its only another 16 bucks in wood and 5 bucks in caulk / screws to build another one at a later date... and then you can take chances with the 2nd one cuz you already have one that works well in case u fk **** up.

    3- use 3/4" birch plywood -- yes its 35 dollars for a 4x8 sheet, but you know what -- it beats the living crap out of 3/4" mdf (at 16 bucks a sheet). if you feel you can do a decent job the first time around, u might wanna take the chance on the better wood... Jstas told me this a while ago, and i didn't believe him till i actually started working with the stuff... but honestly once you go to cabinet grade plywood you'll never go back.
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    yeah well i work at circuit city road shop here, and there are a few guys who have some experence with making their own boxes, anyway thank you for the info!

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