I just inherited an Ultra Focus 8000 headset and am considering getting some accessories that have become lost:
  1. Skype adapter - since the headset has a built-in mic, it can be used to Skype. The adapter mates with the headset cord and then connects to the audio in and the audio out jacks on a computer.
  2. 10 dB Attenuator - ostensibly this can be used to attenuate the volume of the audio coming from the jacks found in passenger aircraft armrests so that one can listen to movies more comfortably and with better quality sound.
  3. Case - kind of expensive but it's going to be used to transport and protect an expensive (for me) item.

So I'm wondering if anyone has tried the first two features - I'd be interested in your experience.

I actually probably can't use the Skype adapter since my new laptop has just one jack for both audio in and audio out. I presume I don't need an adapter at all - the jack (the pin) at the end of the standard headset cable is divided (by insulators?) into four sections and I'm guessing this is so it can provide stereo audio both in and out. Anyone have an opinion on this?

I also don't have the instruction manual but I'm guessing that I need to push the bottom button on the control disc on the right earpiece when I Skype.

Thanks in advance for your comments.