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    Default Please help!! Very Confused about speaker and sub specifics!!!

    I'm trying to figure out all the numbers and information regarding speakers and subwoofers.

    Right now I am very confused. Here are some of my questions:

    -What do all these specifics about the sub mean? (PSW303 sub)
    (Overall Frequency Response 28 - 200Hz
    Lower -3dB Limit 35Hz
    Upper -3dB Limit 160Hz
    Crossover Variable 60 - 160Hz, 4th order
    -What do all the specifics of a speaker mean and how do I apply it to setting my crossover on my receiver and for calibrating them properly?
    -Should I put a granite slab underneath my sub? I have concreted floors covered with carpet.

    Sorry if these are basic questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Since you have a concrete floor don't worry about a slab. A slab is good for wooden floors that may resonate.

    As far as sub settup here is the easiest way.

    On your Receiver set sub to yes and crossover at 80.
    Set the gain from your receiver at the 25% point. i.e) if your range is -10 to 10 dB then set it to -5.

    Connect your sub via the lfe out using a standard RCA audio line.
    On your Sub set your crossover to 160 so your not in danger of double filtering.

    Set your sub gain to around 11:00 O-Clock and give it a whirl.

    If you don't have an spl meter or avia calibration disk all you can do is balance by ear.

    Have fun


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    Overall frequency response is the range of frequencies you can expect a speaker to reproduce. Some of the material on the ends of this range will be at a much lower volume.

    The -3db limit (higher and lower) are the frequency limits for the speaker before it drops off more drasticly. A difference in 3db (3 decibels) isn't much and should sound smooth. Any more than 3db and you can really notice a difference.

    The variable crossover (and order) are just there to help you to integrate it into your system without having added or missing bass at the point where the sub stops and the other speaker takes over.

    The stone work under your sub wouldn't be necessary. Spikes that penetrate the carpet and touch the concrete may make for better sound.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum!
    Make it Funky! :)

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