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    Quote Originally Posted by treitz3 View Post
    Hello, cnh. That's why I was thinking that the tweeters may have an issue somewhere along the chain. Still have yet to hear back any verification of this from the OP. There is one way to verify that will take less than one minute. All friggy has to do is play something and walk over to each speaker, take an empty toilet roll or paper towel roll and place one end of the roll toward the tweeter [being careful not to touch it or damage it]. Place his ear to the other end. If the sound emanating from the tweeter has the same volume level as the other drivers [albeit a higher frequency], then they are in theory working correctly. If not, then there is an issue somewhere upstream from the tweeter(s). Maybe he will chime in to verify that these are in fact not the issue here.

    I think you're on to something Tom.

    To friggy. Get that Marantz into whatever is the equivalent of DIRECT or PURE AUDIO mode. Slap a CD in the player and listen to "all" your drivers. If the B&Ws have dual terminals and jumpers. Make sure "everything" is screwed down tight and making "contact".

    If you play a CD in the "Direct" mode it will bypass all the processing and we should hear what is there only--unaffected by any audio "settings".

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    Quote Originally Posted by cnh View Post
    Let me get this straight. You're saying that a pair of B&Ws are 'KIND OF DULL' and you have them hooked up to an Emotiva as the power amp???

    Then there IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING NOT RIGHT in the way you're running things. B&Ws should "never" sound dull being run by something like an Emotiva which is quite bright and forward! In fact, it should be quite the "opposite"!

    Finally someone notice! I was sure people will be quick to blame the Emo amp despite the symptoms being opposite to the viciously spread rumors of Emo being bright.

    To the OP, glad you figured it out. That finding makes sense. Emo is a great amp and so is the Marantz receiver. Don't know how good is the source though, if quite old. Most new players, even inexpensive ones have pretty flat response but worth trying something else too. How would you compare the difference between your room and the shop where you heard them? usualy your room is smaller and more reflective but you complain of 'dull' sound, so i don't know. Perhaps play with different locations to see if room acoustics will change. Also, if dull, toe them in a little. That will bring some spark : )
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueFox View Post
    I have found that tube based computers provide the best sound quality. ENIAC and MANIAC I offer a smooth, well defined and articulated sound unmatched by the current silicon based CPUs.
    Quote Originally Posted by jeremymarcinko View Post
    But as in all things your perception is your reality.

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    I've never understood the "wisdom" of the practice of using an AVR reciever to act as as a pre/processor, and in doing so, relegate the amplifier section of the receiver to basically, paperweight status. Wouldn't a dedicated pre/pro offer better performance, and without a bunch of "wasted" iron? Just curious.

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    True GDB, but thats 2 pieces of gear to buy rather than one. Most don't get an amp until they already have a receiver in place and upgrade speakers. Decent HT pre/pros aren't cheap either. Plus in a pre/amp scenario, if the amp goes down your out of luck, where as a receiver could handle it at low to mid volumes and keep the tunes rolling. Pro's and cons to each, with SQ obviously being a plus to seperates. Though even I must admit top of the line AVR's these days do a fine job acting as a pre/pro.

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