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    Default Will these Polk speakers work for my new setup?

    I was going to buy the RM7200 set but noticed a lot of people buying better speakers after about a year of use. So i've decided to skip that stage. My question is should I buy the FXI3 (Back), CSI3 (Center), and RTI4 (Front Bookshelves) together, or mix larger CSI5, and, RTi6 with the smaller FXI3's? If I used the mixed setup would this sound good? or should I sitck with all speakers having the same size driver?

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    personally, i would go with the larger center and mains and the smaller rears. i am assuming that this is becasue of budget constraints and you have a limit on what you can spend. i place much more importance on the main and center than i do on the surrounds. the fxi3's sound will still match well with the bigger main and center. my $.02

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    I too would go with the larger speakers up front and smaller in the back. In fact I could sell you a CSi40 and a pair of RTi38's that are only a few months old and in mint condition for a great price. Might save you enough to buy the larger rears.

    I bought them for a 2nd system that I am now not going to set up. Either I sell them or the 38's are going to the garage.
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    Well i have the FXi30's (last model of the FXi3) in my current set up and they sound great. I have the CSi40 (last model of the CSi5) for my center channel and the Rti70 (last model of the RTi8)for my mains. My mains are bigger than the one you are looking at, and my FX's still work great. Don't worry about them being a smaller woofer; the blending will work out quite well.
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    I concur with the crew, get a larger front stage....mains and center. The rears are not as important, your choice in that is fine.

    It looks as though you are new line oriented, and they are nice choices.

    If you are into the previous line, FGR41 has IMO the best choices for the front stage that you could find. RTi38 and CSi40 is a deadly combination of small package performance. Halo has the same idea, but with the fantastic RTi70 as his mains....also an excellent choice.
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