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    Default 1 Subwoofer, 2 Speakers hook up Help needed Plzzz....

    Hook up*

    I m going to Install sound system in my car for the fisrt time.. so got so many confusions..
    I have right now:

    > 2 Rockfordfosgate Punch 1694 speakers, 140 watts power each & 75 watts Rms each.. and 4 Ohm.
    > 1 Rockfordfosgate P21S4 12" subwoofer.. 400 watts Peak and 200 watts rms, Single Voice coil, 4 or 8 ohm..

    now my questions:
    > Which Amplifier will be best for me, good performance, good sounding, i dnt want that loud just decent boomy bass..
    by my Searching i can go either way;
    By getting 4 Channel bridgeable Amp with 400 watts rms..
    In this way,
    >100 watts per channel,but my speakers need 75 rms each, so it ll harm my speaker ??
    > and if i bridge remaining 2 channels to make it 1 channel for my sub, and then in this way 100+100 watts will be double by bridging if im not wrong by ohms law? so it ll be 400 watts rms for my sub ?? its tooo much confusing what to do ? or should i buy 350 watts rms 4 channel brigeable Amp?


    I should go for 2 different Amps..
    1 Monoblock 200 watts rms for my subwoofer
    1 two (2) channels 100 watts or 150 watts rms Amp for speakers? and yeah i saw one newMini HIfi Amp available on ebay (700 watts peak power but dnt know there Rms value for my speakers.. which is only $19... very cheaper Amp for just my 2 speakers if its enough to be hooked up with my 2 speakers.

    Plz guide me in this tricky situation, or may be this is tricky for me bcoz i m new in this... THanx in advance for good suggestion by which i can get good performance in low cost .. :)
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