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    Default Wiring and install questions

    Ok so I'm still working on picking out the "right" amp for me. But I figured now is as good a time as any to start figuring out the installation. I currently have an Urban Audioworks(bought when I was young, broke, and stupid) running around 200 watts rms pushing a 12" Blaupunkt sub in a custom(self built) dual ported box. I have it wired for power with 8 gauge wire. I will be adding a new 4 channel amp to run all full range speakers. This amp will be somewhere around 70 - 85 watts x 4 RMS. So here's my questions:

    1. Should I run a new 4 gauge power to trunk and use a distribution block to send power to both amps?

    2. Should I just leave my current amp wired as is and run a new 4 gauge power for new amp?

    3. Can I ground both amps at the same point with 2 separate ground wires?

    4. Should I buy 2 new matching sets of rca's to hook up 4 channel amp, or can I use one set I already have and just buy 1 new set?

    5. Can I split the REM wire in place in the trunk to run to both amps?

    6. What gauge speaker wire should I run to all 4 speakers from the new amp?

    Is there anything I'm not thinking about or should know? Thanks for any advice you've got for me.


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    1. It doesn't matter whether you run 1 cable from the battery to the amp area then use a distribution block, or run 2, 1 for each amp from the battery. If both amps reside in the same location, then it's easier to run one larger cable from the battery to the amp area then split it just before the amps. Just be sure to use the proper guage cable and properly rated fuses to handle the current draw of each amp if separate runs, or both amps if a single cable runs to a distribution block.

    2. Based on their power output, an 8 guage wire is sufficient to run either amp alone. A 4 guage wire is sufficient if you choose to run one cable from the battery to a distribution block, then 8 guage to each amp. Be sure to fuse them accordingly. Therefore, you can use the existing 4 guage cable as a main feed to both amps and spare yourself having to run a new/extra cable.

    3. Yes, both amps can have separate ground cables that connect to the same spot. Be sure to remove paint from the ground point. Use a nut/bolt rather than self-tapping screws. Keep the cable runs under 24". Stack the ground lugs on top of each other, one of them should sit flat against the unpainted metal-don't use star washers.

    4. You do NOT need to use matching RCAs, so go ahead and reuse what you have. If you run into hum/noise problems, try twisted pair or double shielded cables.

    5. You can only use the existing remote wire if it can handle the current draw of both amps. I believe that typically, the remote wire draws well under 1 amp, but you can easily measure that with your amp/volt meter. An 18 or 16 guage wire will easily handle the current draw of 2 remote turn-on leads if they're under 1A, so if that's what you have you're all set. You may have to increase the fuse rating in the original remote wire to handle the increased current draw, so check it. The fuse should be rated for TWICE the total current draw of both remote turn on leads, if one lead will feed both amps. Be sure and fuse them separately after the lead splits.

    6. 16 guage wire is plenty fine for all your speakers.

    Here's a great web site to help answer all your questions:

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