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    Default 1995 Chevrolet Suburban

    I feel pretty dumb right now but I'll take some help if anyone has answers.
    I purchased two sets of the Polk DB650 speakers to replace the stock speakers in my Suburban. I've run into a few problems.
    1. Front Door: How do you take this thing apart? On most cars you simply pull the panel off and you can get into the back side of the door panel. This car seems different. Sugggestions?
    2. The front door is supposed to use a 6.5" speaker. The DB650 has a built in tweeter; however, the car has its own tweeter in the front part of the arm rest. What to do?
    3. Rear Door: There is a curved plastic panel that I was able to pop off the door panel. Behind this plastic panel is the stock speaker. Polk says that the DB650 is supposed to fit (6.5") but the stock speaker has a 6.75" mounting pattern. Also, the tweeter on the Polk speaker protudes too far forward to fit behind the curved plastic panel that snaps into the door panel. Again, short of butchering the door how do I get this stuff to fit?

    Thanks for any assistance.


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    1 -- there are prolly a whole mess of screws somewhere in teh door... yo umay have to remove the arm rest, or some snap in panels and then find hidden screws behind them... yes... it sucks... ford focus's are that way -- blah. never did the chevy though, but just from general experience. that's prolly your problem. pontiac grand prix was like that -- ARGH!

    2 -- tweeter issues... you may have to run new speaker wires as you may have a six spekaer audio setup which utilizes crossover networks and all that junk... long story short you may not be able to just tap into those wires, u may have to run new ones. do some fiddling and figure it out.l
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    i have a 96, but with manual windows
    in my truck, there are 2 screws that hold in the arm rest
    then you have to slide it forward and pull out
    then you have to pop off the panel thats around the handle to open the door
    theres three places where you have to put a screwdriver (flathead) against the panel, push it up and it pops off
    look closely at it, the places to put the screw driver on the inside of the panel
    that done, if you have electric windows, youll have to find out how you pop off the panel around all the switches, might have to unplug some wires from a harness
    if you have manual windows, theres a clip between the lever and the door panel you have to pull out
    its pretty hard
    i got an ice pick, bent the end of it in a hook, and use that
    and whenever i pop it off, i do so with the door closed, the little metal piece is very hard to find if you lose it, you have better chances of finding it if you only have to look in the cab
    after that, double check to see if everything seems to be ready to pull the panel off
    get a screwdriver
    i always start with the bottom right of the door, but whatever
    slide it b/t the metal and the panel and pry the panel off
    its going to make this awful breaking sound
    but usually, thats
    there are "nail" type things in the door
    they have ridges to keep them in place, what you hear popping is those ridges coming out
    theres a lot of those little nail things
    and youll also have to take the panel out thats across from the outside rear view mirrors first, theres only one nail in there
    then, after youre sure you got everything out, you pull the panel up and voila, your panel is off

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    I have a 1997 suburban and i just bought 2 sets of the db650's. Ihave no idea either on how to get the front panel off, but on mine the rear door the pplastic cover fits around the tweeter. Its a little tight but it fits. If you have any other clues about suburban audio email me please

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