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    Default Did I damage my speakers?

    I just finished installing a Marantz M-CR610 paired with a set of Polk TSi100 speakers. The receiver is 60 watts per channel. The speakers have a recommended Amplifier Power of 20-100 watts. Today I was learning how to use the server function on the receiver and I accidentally clicked maximum volume in Windows Media Player... The speakers blasted for about 2-3 seconds. I've been using the system ever since the incident and I don't hear any noticeable clicks-n-pops, snaps, or distortion. However it seems the bass isn't as strong... However it might be me being paranoid.

    Can these speakers take an incident like this and be fine afterwords?

    Thanks in advance.

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    It's usually the tweeters that would fry from something like that. Hope you figure it out and welcome to Club Polk!
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    Speakers can usually take a small blast like that.

    I learned the hard way with my daughter to set a reasonable MAX volume in my Denon's settings. Little hands love to spin shiny knobs on Dad's electronics...

    As Ken said, it's usually the tweeter that's first to go. If you're concerned, pull the binding post plate out and look for any damage to the crossover.
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    Paranoia Paranoia everybody's out to get me....

    Bass never was a strong point for those bookies. I think you're good.
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    inthered, like others have said, the tweeters usually are the first to go, with that said 2-3 seconds...even my rookie brain thinks you should be ok. Honestly if the mid/highs are still all there, don't worry about it.
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    You should be good!

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    Thanks folks... I really do appreciate it.

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    Maybe your starting a new trend on how to "BURP" a bookshelf speaker :-)

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