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    Default psw110 settings for pairing with tsi400s

    Hey guys, I'm new here and I'm relatively new to the hi-fi world. I recently was given a Denon dra-297 receiver and I was able to buy a pair of polk tsi 400s at half price along with a psw110 sub. Anyway I love the system but I can't quite get the sub to mesh with the speakers. I've messed with all the settings i.e. phase, low pass, and volume and can't find the butter zone. I was wondering if anyone has a similar setup or any suggestions

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    Start with setting the crossover at aprx 80Hz. Set the volumn to aprx 50% and Phase to zero. Adjust the volumn to what sounds good, and listen for a while, days. Once you get the sound in your head, try the other phases, for a song or 2. Change the phase, and listen again, same song(s) if possible. If it sounds the same, or worse, set the phase back to zero. Lastly play with the crossover for a while. Adjust it up or down, and sooner or later you'll find what you like.
    That's it, trial and error.
    Before you go through all that, try to find the sweet spot for the sub, or at least best placement option available.

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