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    Default The cheapest 2 Pre amp Output head UNit ??

    I want to buy a cheapest Headunit with 2 Rca out puts ( to Plug 4 channel Amp ) ??

    Any suggestion ?

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    Here ya go. Cheapest piece of crap I could find. $55. Should be a winner. Would go great with those $40 amps. /sarcasm
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    Got to love when companies are afraid to list any relevant specs such as THD and signal to noise.

    Engr, you'll get what you pay for. Take your time and save up for a decent unit.
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    something i'ves seen and heard of here a lot more than back home, people's cars actually catching on fire from using cheap chinese electronics, and poorly wiring them, but havent seen it with nicer units, as they have a protect mode and other helpful features
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    most of my comments are passing on of info, im a noob, im just trying to help how i can, if im wrong or out of place to comment, dont hesitate to let me know :)

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