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    Quote Originally Posted by nme medic View Post
    Can someone please help me find an LSiC or point in the right direction? I lost a bid on eBay some D-bag shot the price up past $440 for a used and scratched LSiC. I have PM people and no luck they don't answe back. I'm about to just get an LSi M704C and be done with it but people keep saying not to mix match ohms. Help?
    I answered this same post on a different thread. No need to post it twice.

    Source 1: PC
    Source 2: Rega Apollo CDP
    USB > SPDIF Converter: Stello U3
    DAC: Audio GD NFB-7
    Preamp: Audio Research LS-15
    Power Amp: BAT VK-500
    Speakers: Magnepan 3.7's


    Source 1: HTPC
    Source 2: Oppo 103
    Pre/Pro: Marantz av8003
    Power Amp: Rotel RMB-1095
    Fronts: LSiM-705's
    Center: LSiM-704c
    Surrounds: LSiM-702's
    Subs: Dual SVS PC12-NSD's

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    Yeah I know sorry but I need the post count. it doesn't hurt to try right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xftman View Post
    Frys don't have any new lsi. Only some stores have those beat up floor samples.

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