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    Default porsche 997 speaker replacements

    I have a 2007 Porsche 997 coupe and am going to replace the speakers. I tried the car fit guide here on but it didn't have any matches. Is that possible?

    I'm all ears on recommendations.

    from what I have found, I need the following:

    a pair of tweeters for the dash, 1"
    a pair of mids for the door between 3 and 4 inches
    a pair of mid bass for the doors between 5 and 7 inches.

    I have read I need spacers or rings or something for most speakers to make it fit.

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    Itll depend on how much youre wanting to spend. You can get anything from the $25 Vifa dome tweeters to the $150 Scan Illuminator top of the line tweeters. Morel has a couple excellent quality 3 way component sets that would fit that bill just fine.

    Check out the DIY Mobile Audio forum and poke around there. That is the top car audio forum online and has a lot of professional installers as regular posters. They could help you a lot with the details as I dont even know anybody with a Porsche much less installed in one. LOL
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