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    I have the ATH-M50 as well, OUTSTANDING set of phones, I cannot give them enough praise.

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    The closed sleepers out there are the Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone - 8323 w/ Detachable Cable, and the Noontec ZORO ... amazing cheap headphones!

    or for best cheap open Grado SR60i

    What I use:
    Sennheiser Momentum (closed)
    Sennheiser HD580 (open, plastic equiv to HD600)
    SDA SRS 1.2
    Adcom GFA-5802
    Adcom GFP-750
    Sony DVP-NS999ES

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    I'm considering getting myself a pair of HD 598's for Christmas - any thoughts? Fry's has them for $150. I listened to them briefly in store and loved the fit around my ears. The sound wasn't bad. Best Buy also has the Sony MDRX10 for $100 - I didn't like their sound as much as the 598's, but not sure how much of that was the setup. Closed back would be nice, but I want some that I can actually enjoy listening to when I'm working in my home office.
    Usher CP-6311, Shuguang S200MK, Shuguang S845MK, Pioneer BDP-51fd, Essence Audio HDACC, Douglas IC's, Douglas Alpha bi-wire SC's, Pangea/Douglas PC's, Epson 8100

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    You know that's one of the Senns I haven't heard. I have gone through the lower and older model HD 555 (HD 558 in the next iteration). And have the higher model HD 600. My assumption would be that the sound of the HD 598 would fall somewhere between those. Which I'd say is a good thing. I enjoyed the 555s, they had less air than the 600s but were nice for movies--good dynamic punch but missing some of the detail in the more expensive phones, up high. The 600s are known to be more transparent and faster.

    The one thing that I would point out is that unlike a lot of other cans in their price range the 555s and the 600s scale well. In other words they are not really that hard to drive, considering. If you put some 600s and some DT 990s on the same amp. The 600s will sound less strained, the Beyers REALLY need MORE power! And I'd suspect the same is true of the HD 595s. I also find that the Senns sound OK with more different kinds of amplification than say, AKGs or Beyers, or Audio Technicas, etc.

    But I'm sure Assimilated has more experience here.

    And I recall one of our members saying that if you like Vintage Polks, you'll like the HD 595s?

    Hopefully someone who has actually heard the 595s will chime in here! I will say that 150 is a really GOOD price for a new set!

    Onkyo TX-SR 805 System #1 HT AVR
    Office Two Channel: LSi-7s (Nakamichi CA-5, NAD 214, Pioneer BDP51fd)
    Vintage Polks: Polk Monitor 5As, Monitor 7Bs [HK 730], Monitor 10As [Marantz 2265], SDA-2Bs [Jolida JD-303, Jolida MV-MK4]
    Headphones: HD600, Q701, ATH-M50s etc. Bravo Audio Ocean amp., Onkyo P-304, Adcom GFA-555, Technics Direct Drive TT

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeagle View Post
    The closed sleepers out there are the Monoprice Premium Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone - 8323 w/ Detachable Cable
    These are way better than they should be for the price.

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    Consider a pair of (used) AKG K701/K702. They are a "best buy"! I have K701, soundstage is great!

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