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    Default connecting a old amp. to new amp for back surrounds?

    Hello all I have a Yamaha RXV465 AVR 5.1 channels. this AVR has the option of plugging
    in a external amp for back surround speakers.

    Here's a image of the back of the AVR.

    I have a old Kenwood main amp.
    Kenwood KC207 attached images

    ? it whorth connecting this old amp. to my newer Yamaha for back surround speakers?

    ?2.if yes to ?1. how is this external amp. connected to the Yamaha?

    I'm thinking the AC power cord could be plugged into the wall (or into the back of my planned new Yamaha that will have AC plugs) then RCA out of 465. any tips is appreciated.

    ?3.or would I be better off giving the old amp away?
    Thanks STB
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    You could do it that way, except do not plug the amp into the receiver, use the wall outlet. Regular RCA's to connect from the receivers preout to the amps inputs.

    As far as being worth it, only you can decide that. If I was you, I'd sell it and save up for a new receiver.

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