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    I use spin clean on all my LP's and don't get IGD..
    About the bathing in dirty water yes they do but you just have to change out the distilled water more often, I wait till I get about 10-20 used records then do it..
    I finally got my buddy hooked on vinyl, he is now scouring the record stores in search and he does not even own a TT yet, I've loaned him my Debut Carbon, lol

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    I use the spin and clean also. I have purchased used vinyl and did a before and after. Records sound much better after cleaning.Be sure that the distilled water is up to the line. After cleaning i dry the record with a micro fiber and let it sit in a dish rack for 15 minutes. Im using a Harman Kardon ST8 with an Audio Technica 0C9ML/11.

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    Cartridges and speakers are (arguably) the most significantly audible changes you can make, IME.

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