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    Default Considering the RTiA7

    I have read these speakers love lots of power. I plan on powering them with Emotiva UPA 700. This is rated at 80 watts at per channel at 8 ohms. I have a 7.1 set up so I cannot bi-amp the front speakers. I want to know what others have experience with a full range of power outputs.

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    That would probably be about the minimum power you would want to use but should sound ok
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    Are you using it for home theater only or music as well?
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    I plan on powering them with Emotiva UPA 700.
    Plan on something else, such as a Pioneer Elite SC TOTL series AVR, which will easily outperform that amp.
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    I have a pair and although right now they are connected to a Yamaha AVR and sound good, when connected to a Carver TFM-25 they sounded fantastic. The Carver is rated around 225 watts rms. On the other hand they also sounded superb with my rebuilt Eico ST-70 (not to be confused with Dynaco with the same model number) tube integrated rated at between 35 and 40 watts RMS per channel. The key to making them sound up to their full potential is a high quality amp, be that solid state or tube.
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    They sound great with my 810 running 5.1. No extra power needed...yet!
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    I have a pair running off a Parasound new classic 2125 that sound good.

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    I have them connected vertically with a pair of Cerwin Vega CV-1800 running off a Nad 1155 Preamp.


    Long break in time but worth the wait as they get AWESOMER the more you use them.
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    yeah Cerwin Vega makes everything AWESOMER

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    If you have a sub "carrying" the bottom, below 50-60hz, & your Emo amp is robust, handle 4 ohms, you may be OK.

    On the hand if that Pio AVR can deliver better SQ as someone suggested earlier...

    My $.02, Tony
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    Subs: Belles 1 for each LR subs->MC 10ga->wired w/8ga Powerline

    CC: Rotel RB985->AR 12 ga->CSi A6, mids wired w/AR12 * ***
    SW: Seismic Audio powered 18" wired w/AR12
    Surrounds: Hafler XL280->fed & wired w/AR12->RTi A1**
    *Bi** or tri***-amped one day

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    I'm a noob that started with the RTiA7's as my first set of speakers.

    I'm powering them with my Yamaha RX-A2010 and think they sound great. Not sure how much "better" they would sound if I added an amp, but I'm considering it.
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    Polk Center: CSi A6
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    Oppo BDP-103

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    My RTI10's opened up quite a bit when i switch from my NAD 7400 (100 wpc cont, 370 dynamic) to the 7600 (150 wpc cont, 500 dynamic), so i imagine you won't get the most out of those's a7's with 80 wpc. It will be good, just not up to potential.

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