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Thread: polk tsi300

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    Default polk tsi300

    Hi ladies and gents! I'm having serious issues getting the right sound out of my new tsi 300's... :( I also have a polk psw 110 I'm incorporating into my system. I'm using a denon receiver and at the moment, using speaker outputs A and B, left and right out of each into the speakers. I also have a sub out, that I'm using to go directly in to LFE in on the powered sub. I'm taking speaker wire to the upper and lower connections on the speaker and not using the binding post that comes with the speakers. So, I'm going out of the receiver A left and B left to my left tsi300 and out of my receiver A right and B right to my right tsi300. I'm selecting A and B speakers on the front of my receiver, and at the moment I'm thinking everything is hunky dory! buuut, it's not... For some reason, when I select dolby digital on my receiver, the sound of the tsi's goes way down, and is very unintelligible. If I hit Stereo on my receiver, it cuts out the sub, and the tsi's work fine.... Can someone help me, please!!!!!

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    I've responded to your other posting.

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