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    Default strange, sad, find at the local goodwill: stripped Rt5 cabinet

    I drop by various thrift stores a few times a week, Sunday I looked back into the electronics section of the local goodwill and I could could see the POLK badge from 50 feet away. I got just a little excited, this was the same place I'd found a pair of M5JR+'s for $15.

    I got close and saw a pair of black bookshelf speakers, but when I pulled the grill they were naked carcasses, no drivers whatsoever: I was very sad. They had mounting brackets but no markings other than the grill badges. Since the wire connectors were still attached and the crossovers were still intact, I pulled one and got the part number from the PCB and was able to identify them as RT5's.

    The cabinets and grills were in great shape, but the with the drivers missing they seemed a lost cause so I walked away.

    Whoever pulled the drivers even left the screws in the cabinet...
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    With great reluctance, I have listed my 5 RT7s & Velodyne FSR-15 on ebay, starting 3/13. The Velo alone brought watchers & several emails from someone offering to take it off my hands the last 2 listings. I hope the 5.1 set will attract some local bidders . . . as the local goodwill has nothing. I would probably rather gift them to Habitat for Humanity's Restore than GW. I'm not wild about craigs'; my wife has a coworker who brings his items to the office for CL buyers . . . . rather than draw them to his house.

    Salvation Army? I happened to be sitting in my car, waiting on the wife, behind the SA one weekday morning. A woman pulled up & parked in the alley; went in, came back out, opened up her van & pulled several boxes of clothing out for an "employee" to place in the back of a large truck. Suddenly, women popped out of several vehicles nearby, swarmed the boxes, rummaged thru the items & came back with freebies to their cars without a word from the "employee." I surmised one could make a living on ebay off such behavior.

    I couldn't bring myself to strip the RT7s out . . . what would one do with 5 7.5" woofers? The entire auction will weigh in @ 223 lbs; with a reserve of $3.37/lb < 70% lean hamburger!

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