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    Default 2x RC6s for Rear surround sound wiring question


    I'm installing RC6s' in all of the rooms in my house next weekend. While I have a guy running cable through my walls I decided to have him run cable for my rear surround speakers as well. Without thinking about wiring I purchased 2 extra RC6s for the rear surround.

    My question is how do I wire these dual tweeter speakers with a single + and - wire from the LS and RS channel on my receiver.

    The 2 options I can think of are to wire the - wire from the receiver to the - post on the Left channel of one of the the surround speakers and then run a bridging wire from that same - post to the right channel's - post and repeat this setup with the + wire as well.

    The other option would be to just wire the + and - from the receiver to the Left channel's + and - post for both the LS speaker and the RS speaker. This would leave the right channel of each speaker unwired.

    Would either or both of these methods work or is there a better/proper way of handeling this. I suppose I could rush ship 2 RC6 mono speakers to solve my problem but I would prefer to use the RC6s speakers that I already purchased.

    Please help!

    I'm trying to hook stereo speakers up to a mono out for the rear channels of my surround sound.

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    Why not use the proper model? RC60i?

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