Roughly two-three weeks ago I achieved one of my lifelong dreams at age 20. I bought my first sports car. A Whiteout Scion Fr-S. I plan on completely redoing almost everything about this car. Engine, body kit, interior trims, wheels, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the audio!!!!! One cannot call a car a "show" car if it doesn't have the capability of playing great sounding music. So on to the more important topic at hand.
In my previous car ( 2009 Chevy Malibu) I had 6.5" 3way Polk audio speakers in the front doors, and 6x9 3way Polk audio Speakers in the back. I also had 12" db series subs in the trunk. I had this set up for over a year and I got many compliments on the system from my classmates at my university, but most importantly, I enjoyed the sound!
So my current dilemma is, what system do I put in my brand new Scion Fr-S?? This car is my daily driver, but I intend to make it a show car. My dreams for the car are to have it featured in a magazine, and have it featured at car shows, and Possibly one day have it featured SEMA. I realize these are lofty long term goals, but why spend thousands of dollars on stereo equipment now that won't meet my future goals??
As of now I know that the subs must be 10" or smaller because the trunk is 13.5" from floor to top at its lowest point (most of the trunk space), but I don't know if I should do a ported or sealed box. I had a ported box in m Malibu. I also know that the front speakers are 6.5". The dash and the back seat speakers are 3.5". There is also a stock place for a 1" tweeter in both passenger and driver side dash next to the 3.5" speaker mount. I don't want the highs and mids to be canceled out by the base, but I also don't want them so loud that they "squeak" at higher volumes.
I'm game for almost any setup, just looking for any helpful feedback from people that have a little more experience than me.