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    Default Has anybody mounted their lsi9's on the wall??

    I am thinking about not using my lsi7s as rear speakers, but rather just mount the lsi9s on the omnimount speaker wall mounts. Has anyone done this before?

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    I don't think thats a good idea. The lsi7's are wall mountable and are awesome speakers for surround or surround back , hell they are great if you used the Lsi7's all the way around. I dig those speakers.
    The Lsi9's are not wall mountable and IMO to deep to even try. I would not use any kind of speaker mount to mount them. If I had to have them on the wall , I would build a shelf for them deeper then the speaker by 2 inches or so. This again IMO is a very bad idea and could possibly hurt someone if it fell.

    Please use the Lsi7's for this duty , use the LSi9's are main channel or in a deep bookshelf speaker. Proper speaker floor stands are also a nice way to go with them if you must use them in surround or surround back duty.

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    I have successfully mounted them on the wall with these wall mounts and have had no issues whatsoever. In metric terms, they hold speakers up to 25kgs each (10 more than what the LSi's are), and I am sure you could obtain them in USA etc., as required:
    Regards - Gaz from the land of Oz

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