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    Default TSi400 hook up and settings for a newbie

    I am in the process of updating my HT audio. Let me start with what I have: Onkyo NR616, Polk CS20 center, TSi400 front and surround, polk TSi200 rear surround PSW11 sub , and an old Polk sub from a speaker system that was sold as a set (for now until I get something better).

    The TSi400's are what's new to me. They were a recent gift from my awesome wife

    Let me say that I am definitely an amatuer in audio equipment, but I am trying to learn as I go. Please feel free to correct me when I have an incorrect assumption or get a concept wrong, but please don't be a jerk.

    With the TSi 400's having 4 terminals it is my understanding that they can be bi-amped and I have several questions about this:

    1. If I keep the current 7.2 setup that I have I would be unable to bi-amp because bi-amping would require extra equipment - is that true? Is there an external amp that can be used to bi-amp the 400's?

    2. There is a metal piece that appears to be connecting the top terminal to the bottom termial - What is this?

    3. Since I am not bi-amping I have my speaker cable wired into the top terminal on each of the 400's - Does it matter which terminal (top vs. bottom) I'm wired into if I am not bi-amping?

    4. I have played with the 400's and found that 60hz sounds the best to me, though if I turn off the subs and listen to the system without the subs it sounds very lacking in regards to bass and I feel like maybe I don't have the 400's set correctly or else they would be producing more low range sound. Any suggestions?

    I greatly appreciate input as I am trying to figure out how to get the most out of my setup, especially since my wife spent so much money on me and I really don't know what I'm doing
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    First off, welcome to CP BMaples! To answer your questions-

    1- bi-amping from an AVR isn't true bi-amping. It's manufacture marketing hype

    2- That's a jumper that connects the top and bottom terminals so you don't need to connect speaker wires to all 4, only 2. A great upgrade can be made by replacing them with quality speaker wire.

    3- You can connect to either the top or bottom. Doesn't matter since they are connected by the jumper plate.

    4- C/O points are a personal preference. If you're running subs, the standard starting point is setting all speakers to small, C/O set to 80 and sub to on in your AVR setup.

    Hope this helps. Have you run Audessey on your Onk yet?
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    Thanks for all of the info! Yes, I have run Audessey, it set the crossover to 40hz for the fronts (40hz is what Audessey set the center channel to as well), but that just didn't sound right to me so I played around with it until I felt like it sounded better at 60hz. I'm pleased with the settings for the most part, I just want to make sure that I get the most out the equipment. We already had a Polk speaker system that was bought as a set that we enjoyed, but the quality and clarity of the TSi400's is just awesome.

    I figured that the metal piece was some kind of jumper. I prob. will take your advice and jump it with some quality wire. I can imagine that the plate isn't the best.

    Again, thanks for the info!

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