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    Default Center Channel and/or Subwoofer for SRS 2

    Let me say this up front, I'm not a big movie guy, so the MOST important thing for my system is 2 channel sound. In fact, I just recently finally got a Blu Ray player. But I recently had to replace my old NAD A/V receiver and all the research into that got me thinking ( always dangerous, or expensive.)

    So here's what I'm wondering. In all my time with my SRS 2s, I thought the imaging was pretty darn good, heck that's why I bought them. So I thought a center channel speaker wasn't really necessary and might even make thing worse. I also thought they had pretty good bass response, so never really considered a sub either. What do you all think about the relative merits of a center channel and sub? Which ones would you recommend taking a look at? (I've been peeking at a SVS SB13 Ultra.) Of course the sub would have benefits in stereo mode that the center channel would not, and of course it costs a heck of a lot more.

    Looking forward to opinions.

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    Might want to look at HSU subs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter808484 View Post
    ...What do you all think about the relative merits of a center channel and sub?
    They are both necessary to hear what multi-channel sound engineers created and intended you to hear. This is true for movies, TV, and multi-channel music.

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    Funny I have the same speakers and dont have a center or sub but have been looking. I use my ps3 for blurays and dont care for surround sound. I was told to get a 15" sub, center channels I havent seen anything great that doesnt cost $1000 but Im no expert.
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    I use my 1Bs for both music and HT. I absolutely need a center channel for dialog; and I have it turned up more than "theory" calls for. The spoken word soundtrack is not done justice by the 1Bs alone.

    I considered a subwoofer; ended up buying a Buttkicker. Depth charges from the movie U571 seem entirely satisfactory to me. I would expect an SRS 2 to have more/better bass than my 1Bs.

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    I am using my SDA 1B's strictly as a 2 channel. Music as well as HT.....all good here!! I doubt I'll add any more speakers to that room, but to each their own for sure. Keep is posted as to what you go with and the results!
    "if it's not fun, it's not worth it!!"

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