I am reading from various sources that cap orientation matters for film caps. The outer foil should face the side which has the lowest impedance or goes to ground. The theory behind this is that the signal flow would be smoother - hence in the audio world - that the sound would be better. Some say they can hear an audible difference when it comes to cap orientation - some do not. I am one to believe that milage may vary due to various equipment and caps being used.

Since most manufacturers do not mention which side of the outer foil facies on their caps (some do mention), would it be reasonable to assume that the side of the cap that has a slight bulge where the lead comes out is the outter foil side?

Would it also be reasonable to assume in relation to speaker crossovers, that the outer foil of the cap should face the negative side of signal flow (hence the side that goes to ground)?

Thanks again everyone!!!