The island thread got me started thinking and that how obsurd it was w/ picking one album w/ no power and all that loL.Just got me thinking about great U.S. singers in rock and I'm not talking Tony Bennet or Sinatra here.
My list in no order of preference goes as follows, again very subjective and there are others but this is mine just off the top of my head.
1. Jim Morrison---The Doors
2. Marty Balin--Jefferson Aiplane/minor part Jefferson Sarship
3. Jesse ColinYoung- YoungBloods -Solo Career
4.Lou Gramm-Forigner
5.Stevie Wonder
6.Chris Issack
7.James Taylor
8..Jimi Hendrix
9.Don Henley--Eagles--- Solo
10.Kenny Loggins
11.Neil Young (yes I know he's originally Canadian but been here for 50 years now)
12.John Sebastian--Lovin' Spoonful--- Solo