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Thread: TL350 position

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    Default TL350 position

    So I'm about to install the rear speakers and got some mounts for the wall.

    I'm going to mount at about 5-6ft from the ground so around head height standing up.

    I'm creating a 5.1 system so using in a surround back position. My main listening will be TV and the odd movie but also multi channel music.

    My question is:

    1. Is the height going to be about right, I understand for music they should be more ear level and for movie around 3 ft above ear level when seated, so not sure of the best height.

    2. Should the speakers be pointed at the listening sweet spot area or just pointing forward angled down or up?

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    I know my system really isn't set up correctly but to me it sounds pretty damn good!. For the size and configuration of my room, I should only have a 5.1 but I have a 7.1. My side surrounds are mounted from the ceiling angled down (I posted a pic for you in another thread) and in front of the seating area (due to room constraints). My rear surrounds are small sats that I have raised about a foot off the floor facing up behind the couch. My couch is up against a wall and stairs. I plan on purchasing 2 TL3's to use as the side surrounds and move my current side surrounds (TL2's) to the rear mounted from the ceiling angled down. I actually love the sound of my little system. I am no audiophile but to me and my family and friends, it rocks for what it is! I apologize for not answering your question!

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    Thanks for your input, anyone else with views on direction to point speakers and height?

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