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    Default 4ohm LSI with subwoofer

    I am considering upgrading my 2.1 channel setup with Monitor 30's to LSI7s. I am using a Yamaha RX-797 2 channel (x100) amp which will do 4 ohm load. I like the sound blend using the sub crossover (PSW10) and hooking up via speaker level inputs. Can I still do this with LSI7s since they are 4 ohm (and PSW10 is 8 ohm)?

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    The high level inputs on a sub basically just pass through the signal to the output, so the receiver just really sees it as the impedance load of the LSi7s. (Technically, the sub is a much higher level impedance in parallel which will have no real impact on the the impedance the receiver sees.)

    The LSi7s are fairly easy speakers to drive for a nominal 4 ohm load especially when high passed around 80 Hz, so you receiver should not have a problem with them.

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    Thanks for taking the time to respond and explain how this works.

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