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Thread: Surface Pro:

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    Default Surface Pro:

    Ok, it's the second day this little marvel has been available, how many of you rushed out and got one? I read that the Microsoft store was sold out the first day. Must be somebody likes them.

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    Reviews are fairly mediocre on them as far as I can tell.

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    We got them at work on Friday and it's OK, but no way I'd buy one for personal use. I think the Yoga is a much better machine and I'll be switching back to that for work duties.

    The Surface Pro misses the mark for me, it's too big and heavy to use as a tablet and not really suited as a laptop either since the screen only tilts to one angle that is IMO not right for use as a laptop on a desk. It's not really stable enough to use in your lap sitting on the couch either.

    Functionality is nice in terms of the software it can run, and the hardware looks to be robust and device is well built. But in terms of practicality and real world use I don't get it.
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